November – December 2014

Continuous Occupation of the Berkeley Post Office. @ Downtown Berkeley Post Office steps.
Nov 21 @ 12:00 am – Nov 26 @ 10:45 am

With the imminent threat of a sale, First They Came for the Homeless has moved from Staples to the downtown Post Office, with support from Berkeley Post Office Defenders.  Come hang out with them and show solidarity as we all take a stand against the privatization of our commons.  Music and other activities are in the offing.


Rally & March at Cal: UC-Wide Walkout Against the Fee-Hikes and for Accessible Public Education. @ Sproul Plaza
Nov 24 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

UC-Wide Walkout Against the Fee-Hikes and for Accessible Public Education
The general assembly in Wheeler hall has called for a day of action on Monday to continue our struggle for accessible public education.

We will have:

Morning teach-outs ~ come join discussions on a variety of topics

  • 11:30: Academic Workers’ Rally for Public Education:
  • 12pm: Rally at Sather Gate in solidarity with statewide movements for public education

March through campus, then to downtown, passing big banks, BCC, and BHS. March returns to campus for a General Assembly to decide on a major action for Tuesday morning.


Throughout the day, there will be Open University teach-outs on issues that cross student, worker, and community issues.

Check out the Open UC Website.

Black Friday protest at Richmond Walmart @ Richmond Walmart
Nov 28 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Walmart vs. the World: Putting the planet’s largest climate criminal on trial!This Black Friday (November 28th, 2014), we gather as peoples deeply committed to environmental and climate justice to ondemn Walmart as a climate criminal and to stand side-by-side with Walmart’s workers organizing for $15/hr, full time work, and the respect they deserve.Walmart’s war on workers is a war on planet Earth. Walmart has tried to salvage their tarnished reputation through greenwashing. But no amount of rooftop solar or  energy efficient refrigerators can conceal the fact that Walmart is the world’s largest climate criminal.

Walmart’s business model – worker exploitation, intensive resource extraction, globalized production and distribution, rampant consumerism, ruthless supplier competition, and subversion of our democracy – is at war with life on Earth.In 2012, Walmart generated $16 billion in profit. The Walton family is worth $145 billion. These unprecedented profits have been extracted from the uncompensated labor of its workers at every stage of its global chain of production, as well as from the natural world. It is this extreme concentration of wealth wielded like a chainsaw against the natural world which is at the root of the ecological crisis:Walmart exploits workers worldwide. Walmart’s chain of production is a chain of exploitation – Thousands of subcontracted workers in Bangladesh risk and lose their lives stitching “lowest price” garments, which are moved across the country by subcontracted port truck drivers, dubbed “sweatshops on wheels,” and sold by Walmart retail associates making poverty wages.

Walmart has a massive ecological footprint. Walmart’s endless rows of plastic products and electronics demand ever intensifying oil and mineral extraction. Their stores are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. And Walmart’s globalized supply chain model makes it the largest importer of containerized ocean cargo in the U.S., one of the leading sources of pollution.

Walmart destroys local, living economies. Walmart actively drives out of business smaller, public transit-friendly, and environmentally-sustainable neighborhood retail districts, public
markets, and “mom and pop” stores to make way for its
highly-polluting, land-intensive, auto-oriented stores. Its
impoverishment of workers and communities then guarantees customers too poor to shop anywhere else.

Walmart undermines our democracy. Walmart’s PAC funnels millions of dollars to climate deniers and other lawmakers on the wrong side of climate policy – backing the Keystone XL pipeline, supporting subsidies for big oil, blocking the EPA’s ability to regulate CO2 emissions, and protecting the fracking industry from regulation.

Walmart’s funds to ALEC support mass incarceration when Walmart is committing the real crime of creating poverty and pollution.Join us on Black Friday as we condemn Walmart as the world’s largest climate criminal, destroying land and life from Richmond to
Bangladesh.Walmart vs. the World: Putting the planet’s largest climate criminal on trial!
Friday, November 28th, 2014 at 9:30AM
Walmart, 1400 Hilltop Mall Rd, Richmond CA

(This wonderful analysis from Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project)
East Bay Fast Food Rally for $15 & a Union @ Fruitvale Bart Station Plaza
Dec 4 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Join us at Fruitvale Bart plaza to bring attention to widespread inequality and our shared struggles for a living wage ($15/hour) and the right to unionize without retaliation.

Nov. 29th marks the 2nd anniversary of when the first 100+ fast food workers, fed up with low wages, poor treatment and disrespect walked off the job in New York.

Let’s make it known that a minimum wage hike isn’t all we’re fighting for in Oakland and beyond!

Hosted by East Bay Fast Food Workers.