February – April 2015

Call for Emergency Community Response: Gill Tract Tree Murder Protest @ Gill Tract
Feb 27 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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Yesterday, 60 heritage trees from farmer Gill’s arboretum met a violent death at the Gill Tract. This was the UC’s initial move to begin clearing the way for their proposed housing and shopping complex. They caught us off guard, and for good reason: there is an active lawsuit on appeal in the county courts, contesting the development’s detrimental environmental impact.

Knowing the community would mobilize to defend the trees, the UC hired a huge demolition team, cutting down the trees with lightening speed. The last trees were in the process of being destroyed at 9am, as farm supporters arrived.

This is a blatant escalation on the part of the UC and in return, we shall hold a TREE MURDER PROTEST and rally. Meet at the corner of Monroe and San Pablo Ave in Albany tomorrow, Feb 27, at 5pm. It is very important to be on time.

“This is structural violence. They have come and destroyed the trees, and they brought their security forces with them. They were in and out before anyone could do anything about it. They took everything.” – Hank Herrera

“The 60 trees that were cut down present a massive environmental injustice to the local community. This area has long been known for its dangerous air pollution from the freeway and the Pacific Steel Casting factories. It is already in the 78th percentile for asthma, and this destruction is happening right next to children in Oceanview Elementary and the University Village. The EIR highlights that the proposed development would be bringing in 6,500 new cars per day on Monroe street. This has got to be stopped, and we must replant.” Vanessa Raditz

“UC Berkeley’s determination to develop the Gill Tract at all costs reveals the privatization of a university that is not meeting the needs of or representing its students or community. This has been a 20 year struggle, one that does not end with the destruction of trees. The Gill Tract has been suddenly and violently altered, but our courage to envision more fuels our fight to defend this soil.” – Camille Fassett

Free Maile Hampton! Arrested for “Lynching” ! @ Federal Bldg
Mar 1 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Join us as we stand up against the police repression of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Sacramento police have outrageously charged a young black woman for lynching. The police and county DA falsely claim that ANSWER Coalition activist Maile Hampton is guilty of obstructing justice and removing a person from police custody. In fact its the police who are guilty of obstructing justice, in this case and historically. These charges against Maile are in reality “revenge” charges against leading activists of the Black Lives Matter movement. We in the ANSWER Coalition, along with a wide network of endorsing organizations, are mobilizing to fight back against this police repression.

1. We DEMAND that the “revenge charges” against Maile are immediately dropped!

2. We DEMAND an end to the repression of the Black Lives Matter movement!

3. We DEMAND an end to police brutality and the war against black and brown youth!

We will be combing this with another action where we will be demanding justice for all of the youth that have been victims of police terror. This police terror everywhere, has got to stop.

From Tamir Rice, 12 years old shot and killed immediately by Cleveland Pd for having a toy gun.

To Jessie Hernandez 16 years old, shot and killed by Denver PD while simply sitting in the backseat of a “stolen” car.

To Andy Lopez 13 years old shot by Santa Rosa PD for having a toy gun.

To Aiyana Stanley-Jones 7 years old shot in her home by Detroit PD during a nighttime raid.
And many, many more victims,

We DEMAND accountability, we DEMAND justice. We refuse to sit by and watch police officers around the world continue to kill our children in the name of capitalism. We know that justice won’t simply be handed to us, we have to demand it.

Please join us Sunday March 1st with your signs, banners, pictures of the victims if you can, and loud voices!
*Please note that depending on circumstances, we may march so bring your walking shoes*

“When our youth are under attack, what do we do? STAND UP FIGHT BACK.”

Join us! Endorse the movement by contacting ANSWER Sacramento.

Fight for 15 March: Stand Up for $15
Apr 15 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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On April 15, join the Fight for $15 and be part of the largest low-wage worker protests in modern American history.

There is a crisis in America. Working families have endured decades of stagnant incomes. We are increasingly forced to choose between keeping a roof over our heads, paying our bills or feeding our kids.

Meanwhile, the corporations we work for have record profits and their executives earn ever-increasing salaries.

On April 15, here in the Bay Area, families, workers, people of faith, students, artists, leaders, and community supporters will be taking to the streets to say that “We won’t stand for this.”