Oakland General Strike: Women’s Bloc @ Oscar Grant Plaza
May 1 all-day




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The Women’s Bloc at the Oakland General Strike! We’ll be ON STRIKE May 1st. We take aim not only at Trump’s sexism and racism. We also aim to bring an end to neoliberal policies that deprive us of dignity and life. The days of our collective domination and exploitation, of our being relegated to the backseat of society, must come to an end. On May 1, we will inaugurate a new militant feminism for the 99%

Trump and those who govern alongside him tell us that an emergency terrorist/immigrant situation has arrived. But we are here to tell him and all those in DC that they are mistaken. Their attack on muslims and people of color has no justification outside of their own twisted racist views. Their actions have brought chaos to communities, and have destroyed the lives of many.

We are here to tell Trump and all of those in DC this: that we intend to bring about the real emergency situation. The real emergency is born when we, finding solidarity between us, come together and fight for true equality and dignity for ourselves and our communities. It is an emergency not for us, but for them, because we are finally realizing the power of togetherness. The May 1 Women’s Block and Strike is a step in this direction. We will demonstrate our power as women, trans, and queers. We will do this by withholding our labor, waged and non-paid, on May 1 and by ensuring that business as usual cannot continue. We intend to demonstrate how little can get done without us, and how our energies can be wielded towards a new feminism of the 99%. Together, we can forge the power needed to make a new society.