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Model Chicago?

Worth thinking about an occupy model without a permanent encampment. Might simply be a move that dilutes the movement into electoral politics but my larger point is to think of alternate strategies. 6241


Be Proactive

The violence conversation is diverting a lot of useful energy. Of far greater import is what we DO stand for. Here is a beginning of a list. Please contribute your own. Occupy Oakland stands FOR justice. Occupy Oakland stands FOR feeding the hungry. Occupy Oakland stands FOR housing the homeless. Occupy Oakland stands FOR creating fairness in the world of commerce and production. Occupy Oakland stands FOR having every voice heard. Occupy Oakland stands FOR diversity of opinions. Occupy Oakland stands FOR speaking your truth. Occupy Oakland stands FOR truth … Continued


End Capitalism/Support Commerce

I am considering a proposal to the General Assembly. Would love some crowdsourced input before a draft is submitted. Also, as of now could use another co-signer.  Below is current draft: Until such time as the global Capitalist order is overthrown, be it resolved that Occupy Oakland will respect the private property rights and rights of commerce of small local businesses in Oakland and the surrounding communities. A working group will be established to create channels of communication between Occupy Oakland and local city businesses. This working group will also … Continued