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They are selling Public Lands to the wealth (Yosemite National Park)

The occupation by wealthy is quietly happening even in Yosemite National Park–another place that needs to be re-Occupied by citizens. Yosemite West Development INSIDE Yosemite National Park: properties for SALE, including the land parcels TO BE DEVELOPED: This is from Yosemite West Real Estate. Yes, this is inside Yosemite Park. While they “talk” about reducing pollution and the crowds, they’re quietly selling LAND FOR DEVELOPMENT, inside Yosemite National Park–undeveloped land, which means m.ore human waste and impact. The wealthy people (presumable those who can afford “summer homes”), including wealthy … Continued


Occupy Yosemite National Park

I want to suggest another place that needs to be Occupied and this is our Public Lands, including, and especially, Yosemite National Park. While people are driven into homelessness they are being chased by US Rangers from our Public Lands more and more, except the wealthy. I suggest everyone in CA and USA comes to Yosemite National Park with their tents to begin “Occupy Yosemite” in the spirit of Occupy Wall Street movement. Currently, this National Park is essentially occupied by the Wealthy foreign citizens (mostly wealthy tourists from Europe) … Continued