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I was distraught

I happened to see a “book” advertised on Amazon calling itself a “people’s history of Occupy Oakland” written by people who weren’t really part of the movement and were badmouthing it and then another “book” called “The Little Revolution that Couldn’t.” I hate to think of a split in Occupy Oakland if that’s what happened. So I came back to this website and saw the power and spirit of the movement is alive and kicking. I just watched the video of love for Occupy Sandy. Bless all of you. If … Continued


Offering a Free New Printer to OO

I have written to your donations person that I have a practically new Hewlett Packard all-in-one printer. All you folks have to do is pick it up. I would appreciate hearing from OO to find out if you have use of a printer and a place to keep it. If you want it, it’s yours but, if I don’t hear from you, I’ll offer it to another organization. Call me at 510-704-0284 to make arrangements to pick it up. In solidarity, Fran Nowve Name 42016


September 6th

I was all set to meet at 14th and Broadway to march on and occupy Obama campaign headquarters again for Bradley Manning but I see the event has been moved to San Francisco. Why? Has it been pre-empted by another event? 39715


Shut Down Obama Fundraiser in Oakland – Monday 7/23/12

On Monday, July 23, at 3:30-4:00, there will be a rally at Oscar Grant Plaza and then a march to the Fox Theater where Obama’s fundraiser is planned. This action is supported by Code Pink, Bradley Manning supporters and many other fine groups. I was surprised not to see it on the OO calendar. Anyway, I plan to be there and I hope to see you too.           36528



The despicable witchhunt against Eric Holder needs feedback. I know Obama and Holder have betrayed the movement but I still want to see Occupy raise a voice of outrage. Have a presence. 34456


Libertarians and the Progressive Movement

I consider Occupy the ray of hope on the otherwise bleak horizon. That is why I am bothered to find people in the Occupy Movement who support Libertarians. Typically, the people who do this will say they don’t agree with everything Libertarians stand for but we can make common cause with them. I usually hear that at least Libertarians are against the war. That’s a big thing, I realize. But what about the rest of their agenda? Stopping all social safety nets? Stopping all government control over harm corporations do … Continued