Justice For Andy. Alive on the Streets of Santa Rosa. Dead in the Faces of the Silent Watchers From Above.

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At least a busload of Oakland activists traveled to Santa Rosa on Tuesday, October 29th, joining those from Santa Rosa and all over Northern California who came out to march, rally and mourn in protest against the rapid-fire execution of Andy Lopez at the hands of Erick Gelhaus, a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy.

It is sad and maddening, if unsurprising, that just days before Urban Shield took place in Oakland – glorifying police violence and military-style weaponry – Andy Lopez was executed by a man whose motto might as well be “Shoot first, shoot often, don’t ask questions later.” Lopez, rolled up on from behind, was likely dead before he even knew who had been yelling at him, or what he was being ordered to do.

There can never be true Justice 4 Andy Lopez, just as there can never be Justice 4 Alan Blueford, Gary King, Raheim Brown and others around the country killed by police trained and fostered by the very same people who praise Urban Shield and its ilk. Nonetheless it was uplifting to see possibly as many as 3,000 people participated in one of the biggest such events in Santa Rosa’s history, all the while snipers, riot police, and infiltrators attempted their usual intimidation tactics.

It can be stated without controversery that it was Andy’s spirit that carried the day, not the barren faces of the instruments of state repression.

A local rally for Andy Lopez is planned for Saturday, November 9th, at Fruitvale Bart.

Two sets of pictures from Santa Rosa: Via IndyBay and from Ingrid. Here are a couple from each set. Check out both entire sets! There are some really beautiful (and terrifying) pictures in each.

And the Children shall amplify.

Erick Gelhaus Wanted for Murder.

A familiar face marches in Santa Rosa.

Sniper and friends watching the rally
from atop the Sheriff’s Building.

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