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Hello Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Brad Newsham, the main organizer of these events. This one is going to be great!

I’m just writing to confirm a few details with you: We’re asking you to arrive in the vicinity of Ocean Beach by 10:45 A.M., and to pick your spot in the lettering NO LATER than 11:15 A.M. This will allow you half an hour to find parking (if you are driving), use a bathroom, reach the site, and select your spot. Volunteers will be handing out flyers with more specific, updated, day-of-event instructions. Please take a flyer, read it, and follow any instructions from volunteers.

The message will be centered approximately 300 yards north of the intersection of Fulton and the Great Highway, between the Cliff House and the Beach Chalet restaurant, but closer to the Cliff House. A concrete sea wall runs along the beach, with short, numbered stairways leading down to the sand. The event will run between Stairways #5 and #9 ((approximately — and subject to last minute beach conditions). There is a public bathroom in the Beach Chalet lobby, and you’ll find porta-potties at the top of Stairway #7, near the heart of the lettering.

We need at least 800 people to do a credible image, and with 773 people already registered, and with more emails going out from more groups, with at least one radio spot today, and with the event now flying around facebook — well, I’m confident of 1,000, and that’ll be perfect.

Please invite your friends — and please ask them to REGISTER AT www.HumanBannerSF.com.

You can also share this event on facebook with this link, but registering at www.HumanBannerSF.com is still crucial — it really helps us organizers to know how many people to expect.

Again, THANK YOU! Can’t wait to see you there.


All the best,

Brad Newsham & The Other 98%


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