Support Melvin, Chris (AKA Wildebeast) 7/30, and Tiffany 7/31 9am @ Wiley Manuel Courthouse Room 112

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Come to Support

Melvin, Christopher Lorge (AKA Wildebeast) this Monday July 30th 2012 at 9AM

and Tiffany Tran this Tuesday July 31th 2012 at 9AM

at Wiley Manuel Courthouse Room 112

661 Washington Street

Oakland, California 94607

for directions click here or the images

COURT UPDATE!! 7/31/2012:

“Court Update! After pushing all the way to trial, charges against Christopher Lorge AKA Wildebeast have been dismissed.

Tiffany Tran was set to go to trial today as well. The DA offered another plea deal instead.

Tiffany refused the deal and in response the DA put the trial off til November.”


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