Undocuppying of Obama’s Oakland Campaign Headquarters – 6/14/12 Photos

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Photos taken around 10pm on Thursday June 14, 2012.

This is a statement from those pictures inside Obama’s Oakland Campaign Headquarters.

“We are the IYC (Immigrant Youth Coalition) and nationally we are part of the NIYA (National Immigrant Youth Coalition)

Our goal at this office is to demand Obama to issue an executive order in the stopping of deportations of youth. He has lied about it, and broke many promises, so we are here to call his b.s. and show him we will not believe his bluff no more. We are shutting down his Offices all over the nation, Michigan, Ohio, and Los Angeles are all doing it at this same moment.
This president keeps saying he is for us, but he has been responsible for over a million deportation completely destroying families.”



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    So what happened? I thought he had made this Executive Order and stopped the deportations. Did he? Are you still occupying his headquarters?