Occupy the Farm Rally 5/15 report from Albany Patch

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Re-posted from Albany Patch

Read more on Albany Patch about the Gill Tract occupation.

About 75 people reportedly came together at the Albany Library and Community Center on Tuesday evening for a “re-convergence” meeting called by Occupy the Farm following a police raid Monday morning along with 10 arrests later in the day.

The group, perhaps up to 200 people, according to one attendee, marched along the westbound lanes of Marin Avenue to the Gill Tract after a short meeting. The group was set to leave Albany for Oakland to attend a rally for Alan Blueford.

View “live tweets” from the event here. (You do not need a Twitter account to view the tweets.)

Several Twitter users have reported helicopters in the area, along with at least one arrest near the Gill Tract on Tuesday, as well.

Said Matt MacManes on Twitter not long before 5 p.m., there was a “UCPD 4-wheeler. One in cuffs, one laying down on sidewalk. Just south on San Pablo by entrance to UVA.”

Albany Patch has a request in to the University of California for more information.

Some tweets from the beginning of the 5 p.m. Community Center discussion:

Susie Cagle“They think their fences can stop us. They think their arrests can stop us. They can’t.” #occupythefarm

Occupy Man JoseMSM helicopter flying over rally and #occupythefarm

Alyssa#Occupythefarm #OTF #OO the farm is a longterm project. Farm will grow stronger. arresting us won’t stop us! Join us!

robertjmI hear the whirlybirds again. Is it bad traffic, or is OTF trying to squat on the Gill Tract again? #occupythefarm

Susie Cagle#occupythefarm convergence. Gopal: “This is a long term fight… We took that space & we can take it back whenever we want.”


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