Occupy the Farm Planter Box Rally 5/19/12 Photos

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As soon as I arrived to the blocked entrance of the Gill Tract I noticed that some occupiers were sad, in silence, and some even in tears.

What bothered the most was to see the Police  on the other side of the fence mocking when I was taking their pictures.  I felt reluctant to photograph them because of their actions; I yelled at them “You’re not funny!” They yelled back at me something as I walked away ignoring them.  I had tuned out into a different world, because I was upset that they do not care and make fun of other people’s feelings.

Now when writing this report I realized that I should have taken those pictures, so that you see them doing that.

If you are  a relative of any of these cops, I am sorry for you. I hope you are a better human than them.

Anyways, the farm looks flat.

The University, I imagine, have sent people to cut the grass,and bulldozed areas of the farm. They also have brought some intense portable stadium like light posts. The police cars inside the farm and other vehicles including the cops on bicycles reminds me of the border patrol at the border with Mexico, like dogs waiting for their prey.

From the distance you can see the green sprouts. It is a sad feeling to see the plants coming out the soil, because we know that soon they will die for the lack of water, and care.  I understand the occupier that I photographed with tears on her face, because while I write this I am sad too.

They can bulldozed all the plants, but they cannot stop the spring, and the occupiers!




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