Bank of America locks door because protesters rally – Albany, CA 5/21/12 – Photos

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On May 21st a group of over 5o peaceful protesters rally in front of a Bank Of America brunch located on Solano Avenue and Nielson Street, in Albany, California.

It didn’t take long after the Occupiers came to the location for the bank quickly closed their doors. Soon after, someone administrator/manager sent a security guard to the sidewalk to tell us to stop taking photos. Of course, we ignore his request.

There was life music from the protesters, and cheers and honks from people in cars passing by as signs of support.

The action was organized by OccupyBerkeley and supported by OccupyOakland after nine of the protesters, mostly community senior citizens, were denied a meeting with that brunch of BofA’s manager.

“Nine of us, mainly community senior citizens ranging in age from the early 60s to 85 years asked for a meeting with the manager. After he consulted with his superiors he refused to give us any appointment. Instead, we should submit our questions on paper without expecting a meeting afterward. In fact, the manager wouldn’t even give us his business card. When we tried to explain why we wanted to talk with him, his only response was to insist that we leave immediately.”

The Bank remained closed for about one hour, until 6pm.



Update 5/23/12 1:17am: Video by: raustean


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