Alan Blueford’s Family at the Oakland City Council Meeting on 5/15/12 – Photos

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Alan Blueford’s Family at the Oakland City Council Meeting on Tuesday May 15, 2012 – Photos

“Justice for Alan!” and for all those murdered by the killer cops at the Oakland Police Department.

As one of the Alan’s relatives said, people in the community are afraid to speak up because they fear what the Police would do.

Deeply sad to know that the ones that are there to serve us and protect us, and paid by our taxes, are the ones inflicting pain and loss of human life in the Black (and non white) community.

The Oakland Police needs to be stopped, somehow. The City officials do not seem to have control over them. Perhaps the Federal government should intervene, before this gets really worse. I mean, before more people die.

In my personal opinion I fear the police more than me walking in a neighborhood known to be dangerous. And I fear the police because a lot of them  seem anxious to beat people up and  thirsty for blood; mostly Black and Hispanic blood. Just to make sure it is clear, most police officers are racists.

What or who can help us?

The City Council Members, again, have the opportunity to act in our behalf; so that the community gets to see positive changes and perhaps gain their trust little by little as they continue proving that they are working for the good of the people, the 99%.

No Justice! No Peace!


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