Press Release: Protest of Afghanistan Massacre at Military Recruiter’s Station

Categories: Media Committee

When: Friday, March 30, 2012

Where: Fremont, California

2:30 pm – Rally at Fremont BART station
3:00 PM – March to Armed Forces Recruiting Center (39194 Paseo Padre Pkwy)

Organizers: Afghans for Peace; Iraq Veterans Against the War (SF Bay Area); United States Afghan community

Endorsers: Courage to Resist, Decolonize Oakland, Education Not Incarceration, Idriss Stelley Foundation, Occupy Oakland, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, World Can’t Wait SF Bay, The Afghan community, American war veterans, the Occupy movement, and their allies will hold a non-violent, direct action demonstration in Fremont this Friday at the Armed Forces Recruiting Station. This action is in response to this month’s massacre of 17 Afghan civilians in Kandahar Province by U.S. military personnel.

These concerned demonstrators will be protesting against:
The March 11 massacre in Kandahar, along with all other atrocities related to this war.
U.S. military recruitment of poor and marginalized US citizens and residents.
The “U.S./Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement” which would extend the U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan into 2024.

In a joint statement earlier this week, Afghans and US war veterans said, “We’re outraged–not only about this latest atrocity–but by the drone attacks, the night raids, the “kill teams” murdering for sport and collecting body parts as trophies, the urinating on dead Afghan bodies while filming it, the burning of Qurans… We also need to stand in solidarity with economically disenfranchised youth of color who are targeted by the military recruiters and end up joining the armed forces as their only way out of systematic oppression at home.”


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