Jean Quan’s Calculus

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By jamartin101
Jean Quan might focus on the crime epidemic in Oakland as zealously as she focused on sending the riot police after those at Occupy who would protest the very conditions of economic decay and futility that drive violent crime.

She might consider her hypocrisy in selectively applying enthusiastic police force and her own arrogant admonishments to the suppression of legitimate and democratic dissent, for the purposes of protecting property and averting any inconvenience to the well-off, her power base. Then she stands silently by while children are gunned down in the streets in front of their fathers. It is a political calculation that she has made. It is allowed to her, by virtue of her magnificence, to decide who the worthy are and who the unworthy are; all based upon what political points there are in it for her. Much like a dog who barks and rolls for a special treat, Jean Quan understands that performing only for those people that matter, can be very sweet for her.

Since these are not wealthy people dying and living in fear on the streets and broken communities of Oakland, they have no rights and are not a direct political threat to her. They may be conveniently dismissed, unless of course their violence spreads over to the communities of those people who matter.

The economically disadvantaged are, of course, to blame for their poverty. They kill each other, they are uneducated, they don’t have feelings, they are sub-human (some don’t even speak English!) Politicians like Jean Quan know that if only these miserable wretches had worked as hard as she and her family, then maybe they too could be rich and have political influence. Instead, these poor people go around making nuisances of themselves by shooting bullets and in their typically irresponsible fashion, they stupidly put their bodies in the way of bullets, or knives, or flying fists. Can’t they just go away, or learn to duck or run for cover more quickly? Why can’t they start a business and put the profits generated by their workers into their own pockets, or take a bath, or use proper vocabulary?

It is disturbing to witness Jean Quan’s combination of personal careerist ambition, subservience to wealth, negligence in matters of public safety and civic decency. With public servants like Jean Quan in place, we can expect a continuing decline to third-world living standards for the majority of us, and gated communities for the few and their lapdog politicians.

Joel Martinez


One Response to “Jean Quan’s Calculus”

  1. Michael Boyd

    You shouldn’t demonize Quan. She is the best the current system can produce under corporate fascism. It is the system that’s the problem not Quan. At least Quan tried to understand the Occupy movement. By demonizing Quan you move her closer to the police thuggery not away from it.

    Do not repay evil with evil but give thought to what is noble in the sight of all.