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Occupy Oakland was supposed to stand for Economic Injustice and to represent the 99% of the population. Why are you then further taxing the 99%? Who’s interest are you really looking out for? If you really cared for us, why aren’t you out there taxing Mountain View or any of the other Silicon Valley cities where the 1% of this country lives? Why doesn’t Occupy Oakland focus on the real situation that’s affecting America – the Economy??? What about coming up with real demands like: demanding Congress to give up their ridiculous pensions and having them purchase their own retirement like the rest of us, or what about their crazy salaries that are coming from OUR tax dollars?? Why is it that all Occupy Oakland cares about is the persistence of the encampement when the encampent has given no real demands to impact/change the economy. All I hear from Occupy Oakland is their gripe about police brutality. Occupy Oakland needs to get with the program and focus on the real issue that OWS was about – the incresingly depressing state of our economy. It’s sad that Occupy Oakland is wasting away their movement. They could have been a real voice for change. Instead, it’s just becoming a hippy camp, that the rest of us are sick and tired of hearing about. I am part of the 99% – if you truly care, stop wasting our tax dollars and do something to actually make a difference. So far Occupy Oakland does not have anything to show that they’ve made any progress to side with us.


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  1. RevolutionaryIsMyMiddleName

    I can totally see why you would be fed up. I myself have felt that way from time to time. What I keep coming back to is this, at the very least the encampment served 2000+ hot meals a day showing what is possible when people give rather than take. Further, the encampments have effected change in other places. Seattle, just yesterday, passed this resolution:

    Were it in one place it would not be enough pressure. As a national movement, with the tent city as unifying symbol, change is possible. It might not happen tomorrow or next week. It will take time and patience. But it will happen. And I can totally understand if you do not have the patience for this. But the corporations did not take over in a day. They worked and planned and waited and it took decades. It may take that long. It may be faster. But it is working.

  2. think!

    I hear your frustration, Fedup. The Occupy movement is imperfect, that’s for sure. But it it’s still new, and I hope you will give it a chance to work out the kinks.

    We are all frustrated here, and trying our best to constructively find ways to fix a very broken system. Everyone has a different opinion about how to do this. Many of us agree that we can do better. But if you want things to change, you must join us in finding a solution. There are many ways to participate besides occupying the plaza and attending the GAs. You can participate from your own home, online and on the phone, like many others who (contrary to mainstream media slander) have jobs and work very hard to make ends meet.

    This is an all-inclusive movement, with people from all walks of life, from hippies to students to teachers to professionals and everyone in between. Get to know us better before you dismiss the whole thing. You might discover the truth– that there is something wonderful going on here, despite it’s flaws. The Occupy movement is our last chance to change the country, and the world. You have an open invitation to join us. I assure you, there is much, much more to this than you are seeing.

  3. Andrew S

    I have commented on this before, suggesting that the encampment should be in a wealthy community where the 1% lives; Orinda? Mill Valley? Take it to them that are making the problem, and let them pay for the police action. Oakland has enough problems.

  4. fedup

    Why is it considered “railing” when I am just like you – venting my frustration. The only difference is that I am now venting my frustration at you. Are the tables now turned and considered to be a “railing” when the frustration is aimed at you? How is that fair? I have been following Occupy Oakland for a while now, not just the media but also your website. I would LOVE to come down to General Assembly to voice my opinions, but unfortunately there is no structure to the General Assembly and I unfortuantely do not have the time to give. Unlike you guys, as a part of the 99% – I have a job to uphold; because I have bills to pay and I do not have the money or resources to just camp out with no real direction. At 6pm – chances are I am still slaving away at my job to make ends meet.

  5. CoolAide

    I wholeheartedly agree with fedup. I walked to the Plaza today for the first time in months and had tears in my eyes reflecting on the waste of time, energy and resources, not to mention a wasted opportunity to effect positive change. The Occupy encampments have no stated direction or purpose. You were camped outside of City Hall — what law did you want them to repeal or enact? What did you want City Hall to do? What were your demands to the City of Oakland? I heard none, and I can only surmise that the residents were just there to express frustration. My pay and benefits have been cut and my friends laid off. Think I’m frustrated? You better believe it. Think I’m going to go out on the streets and yell? Not a chance, there are too many people in need right now to waste my time on something like Occupy encampments. Get a real cause, not just a vague frustration, and you may find alot of support.

  6. camig

    fedup, we invite you to come to a General Assembly or join a committee to help us out. Ask us in person about the significance of the encampment instead of coming to our website and railing against us based on what you’ve read in the corporate media. We’d love to have you join.