Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette now online

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The Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette aims to be a voice & record of the historic Occupy Oakland movement, part of a national & international movement of resistance.  Please consider writing your thoughts, reflections, opinions, and what you’ve seen — you are part of this movement & we want to get your words out there !

Please send submissions to oscargrantplazagazette@gmail.com or drop a hard copy by the information tent at Oscar Grant Plaza.  We will endeavor to publish all materials received.  For the purposes of collective self-defense we will reserve the right to decline to run materials which would render us legally liable.


2 Responses to “Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette now online”

  1. Occupy Oakland

    Hi SummerPony! Copies are circulated throughout the camp. Next time you’re down there just ask around I’m sure you’ll find a copy soon.

  2. SummerPony

    are you planning to create a print version of this? it would be helpful for outreach to the community, and to keep occupiers informed when they don’t have access to the internet. thanks for your work!!